SMS Marketing: 2022 Guide for Direct-to-Consumer Brands

SMS Marketing: 2022 Guide for Direct-to-Consumer Brands

Home electronics is one of the toughest marketing branches, with so many competitors, the lowest price is no longer a deciding factor. So what is? Customer service! If you own an online store, you know how important is to keep your customer updated and engaged.

What is SMS Marketing?

Before we dive in, let’s cover some basic definitions:

  • SMS stands for “short message service”.

  • MMS stands for “multimedia messaging service” (texts that include images, gifs, or videos).

  • RCS stands for “rich communications service” which is a new and evolving technology designed to eventually replace SMS & MMS.

  •    Mobile messages tend to be very short (160 characters)

Should I Use SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing does not require your customers to learn a new application or user interface and it is native to every mobile phone on the planet.



Email Marketing

SMS Marketing

Open Rates



Click Through Rates



Conversion Rates

.09% – 1.5%





Benefits of SMS Marketing Campaigns for Direct-to-Consumer Brands

Speed and context

SMS/MMS campaigns are received instantly and they’re read almost immediately, over 90% of SMS/MMS messages are read in the first 3 minutes.

SMS/MMS campaigns drive higher engagement rates

SMS marketing campaigns are eye-catchers: Over 80% of customers say that SMS/MMS is an attention-grabber and they prefer to engage with brands over texting instead of email.

Adding Value Throughout the Customer Journey

Before deploying your SMS marketing campaigns, it is important to understand how this will add value to your customer and improve their relationship and loyalty with your brand. This may include timely offers, notifications for delivery or status of products ordered, support related inquiries, content engagement, re-marketing.

Personalization is EVERYTHING

Messaging is intimate. Email is not. Because of this, time and care built into your messaging strategy will ensure enormous ROI gains and help you sell more products faster than through email marketing tactics.

Promos & Time Sensitive Offers

For promos and time sensitive offers, SMS marketing provides you with an opportunity to connect with your customers quickly. When you add a bit of urgency to your message content and apply a unique offer, your customers are increasingly likely to respond and take advantage.

Shopping Cart Abandonment & Win Back

Mobile shoppers have an incredibly high cart abandonment rate at over 85%.

Traditionally cart abandonment notifications have come in the form of email, Email is noisy, not timely, and increasingly ignored by next generation consumers, Messaging on the other hand is not.

Order Confirmation & Shipping Status

Order confirmation and shipping status SMS notifications are table stakes for any SMS marketing vendor, they are however important for keeping customers engaged with your brand and aware of the status of orders they have placed.