International SMS

International SMS

Though there are various instant messaging apps around as (what's up, Messenger and else) which make the world more close, unless that the International SMS are still popular.

 Because you can send SMS messages to anyone as long as he or she has a mobile phone, without needing to get the same app as yours to receive your message or have a good Wi-Fi or data connection.

International SMS

One of Service that allows Users to send SMS to international numbers outside country or company, and you can see daily report for numbers who received your SMS, who react with it and else.

Also use it opens now area for you so you can target more clients, which help your business to grow and win more.


Things to Know Before Sending International SMS:

- What kind of content will you be sending?

- Choose country

- Do Country-specific guidelines.

- What will your Sender ID look like?


Advantage of International SMS:

- No contract or use period is required to send SMS.

-You can send SMS with your company or sender name of your brand.

- Fast SMS Delivery.

- All sending SMS operations and statuses are reported in detail, you can see it on your account at our website.

- Receive don't need to have same app or data connection.

- Enjoy unlimited international SMS at super low price.


In SMS EGYPT we offer International SMS services without Additional cost.

Just Ever Country Requirements and Practices to active the Sender ID.


Remember, International SMS helps you to send SMS messages to billions of people in 150+ countries.

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