Smart Store

Smart Store

Most of people avoid Traditional Shopping especially with spread of online shopping.

So if you have an online store and you need to send the link in SMS to your clients, to make them know about your products and offers.

We are recommending Smart Store which make you send an SMS including short link access the clients to your store, where they can make orders and see products.

Smart Store

One of Services that make you show all your products with details (prices – sizes – colors - else), and that by sending link of your store in SMS.

And it's able to the client to access the store by click the link in SMS and make order after register your information.

AS a owner of a business you can also follow requests of clients and access to their information, and that with a report send to your account in SMS EGYPT system.

SMS Store is a services mirage between Smart Link and Smart Form.


Advantages of Smart Store

- Save your money and the cost of travel, so on.

- Make the clients able to browse products in your online store.

- More easy in choosing and compare with sizes, colors, pieces.

- More personal customer services.


Simply, using Smart Store will save time of shopping for you and your clients, so we can take their orders without any issues.


In SMS EGYPT we offer you use Smart Store without any additional cost.


Remember, Online shopping the leader so be Online with your Clients.


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