Importance of SMS Marketing for hypermarkets & retailers

Importance of SMS Marketing for hypermarkets & retailers

Hypermarkets are type of the most potential businesses, This business mostly depends on customer relationships and customer satisfaction. SMS marketing module is sure to help your business improve the sale and customer support.

What is SMS marketing?

SMS marketing is a way to send campaigns or promotional messages to your customers using text messages with a limit of 160 characters.

Improve the loyalty of customers


The loyalty of the customers is the success mantra of every business. Supermarkets usually thrive on loyal customers, most who hold premium cards or membership with the supermarket,With SMS marketing, the business operator will be able to alert customers about new products, special offers. 

Improve communication

Timely and effective communication is the key to building customer relationships. SMS marketing can be a great tool for communication with customers. 

Quick and effective

A powerful message can be sent in a few words. The service is very quick and reaches all contacts in a few seconds of delivery of the message.

Cost-effective marketing


For a supermarket business, they can use SMS marketing for bulk messages or for special messages like thanks messages for customers after each purchase.

Provides direct channel to communicate with customers

SMS marketing does not need any third-party assistance. The message can be set automatically and generated. A supermarket business can use SMS marketing for direct communication with customers.


Opt-out the facility to help customers

 The user can set the feature in the app. If a customer is not interested in receiving the message, the person can easily opt out from receiving the message.

Quick to understand

As SMS messages are short with a few words, the user can easily understand the meaning and respond accordingly.


Integrate with other applications

SMS can be integrated with different applications including email marketing, sales, point of sale, and other modules.  This helps efficient use of the SMS service.


Data-driven insights help you personalize and perfect your messaging 

Campaign data helps you understand when and how to engage with your customers. SMS marketing provides actionable insights to help you develop your strategy.

Depending on your SMS marketing platform, there may be an abundance of ways to build different segments

Five segmentation categories you can consider are:

  1. Location. Send personalized SMS campaigns to customers based on their location.

  2. Customer behavior. Gather information about your customers’ specific interests, purchasing habits, and order frequency to personalize SMS campaigns.

  3. SMS engagement. Use engagement data from past campaigns to determine what types of campaigns to send in the future.

  4. Order information. You can personalize text messages based on what stage of ordering your customer is in.

  5. Customer attributes. Similar to email marketing, you can add information like tags, relationship length, and account status to your SMS marketing audiences


Generate Customer Categories

SMS enables the user to form different groups of customers.


Retail SMS Marketing: Benefits, Best Practices, & Examples of Customer Texting Done Well

Email campaigns can sit unopened in a subscriber’s inbox for hours or days. Sometimes, they can even get sent directly to a “promotions” tab or the trash. 

In contrast, 99% of SMS marketing campaigns are read, making SMS an extremely effective marketing channel for retail store owners to reach prospective and current customers. 

In fact, 78% of consumers say SMS is the fastest way to reach them, which is why texting is the perfect medium for sharing time-sensitive promotions and alerts.