How  can  logistics  and  transport  companies  get  the most of  SMS  marketing?

How can logistics and transport companies get the most of SMS marketing?

With constant developments in the logistics industry, the need to implement better technology in this sector is also increasing.

And this means that you,as a logistics manager, need to make the most of your SMS marketing platform

How can SMS marketing benefit your logistics?

SMS solutions can help through two-way communication between customers, staff members, and logistics managers. Here, we have listed some of the major benefits of using SMS services for logistics.

Reduced costs

Sending and receiving updates through SMS services is a lot more affordable than opting for phone calls in terms of time, and expense.

Optimised efficiency

From staff rostering, order tracking to payment reminders, SMS services can be used for everything to make the most of your logistical communication.

Improved relationships with customers

Understand that customers love it when you give them clear instructions and timely updates about their purchases or deliveries.

Ease in customer service

Given the number of inquiries about product specifications, product quality, price, and delivery information, customer service centers are usually flooded with service requests.

Streamlined customer communication

People are on their phones all the time. And hence, 90% of text messages are read within the first 3 minutes of being received. Besides, interaction through SMS trumps that through email, with a 36% click-through rate (CTR) for SMS and only a 3.4% CTR for email.

Hassle-free experience

There’s a reason why more than 50% of customers prefer SMS messages for customer support over phone calls.

Here, we’ve listed 10 best practices your logistics business can follow to make the most of SMS marketing.

1. Streamline Your Logistics.

2. Track Your Orders

3. Track Your Fleet & Drivers

4. Enable machine-to-machine communication

Machine-to-machine (M2M) communication is helpful in remote monitoring.

5. Remind your customers about invoice payments

6. Communicate on the go

As mentioned earlier, SMS services do not require internet connectivity.

7. Build a better inventory management system.

To send out SMS messages to a large group of people, a ’Bulk SMS’ feature that enables you to send your texts to hundreds of people with just a few clicks.

8. Engage in SMS marketing

Text messages can also be used for increasing brand awareness and promoting brand value to customers.

9. Prepare rosters

As a logistics manager, you need to ensure organizational efficiency,

SMS messaging can be a highly effective tool for delegating responsibilities.


10. Ask for feedback