Schedule SMS

Schedule SMS

It takes a lot of effort to build a business, There are a lot of things that you have to think about (budgeting, materials, employees, marketing, etc), till you achieve that you went to save your clients.

Schedule SMS one of service that will help you in that, It's a services make you able to send SMSS In select time depend on your system, so you can select when and for who Will Receive SMS.

Schedule SMS

Helping you to schedule Reminders, Alarms or any SMS you need to send for Clients or employees in a future time.

 So, This Service will help you to set up a reminder message the day before an appointment, meeting or event, also you can use it to tell customers about a one day only special.

Schedule SMS will helps you to follow up with clients and organize their membership automatically.

This feature is perfect for when you know you will not be at your desk when an SMS message needs to go out.

In SMS EGYPT we help you to follow up with your clients and Schedule your SMS text messages, so you will look always professional.

If you went to your campaign to reach in time use Schedule SMS.