How to reduce your marketing budget and increase its efficiency?

How to reduce your marketing budget and increase its efficiency?

Have you added messages to your annual marketing budget?

SMS marketing is the act of a business sending a text message campaigns, promotions, news, updates and more to customers who have opted in.

All trends for SMS marketing messages suggest it is one of the most effective channels for targeting consumers, there are a lot of reasons for that, Let’s look at each one.

1. High text open rates and increased customer engagement 

2. Text message marketing allows brands to reach customers instantly

3. SMS marketing creates more personal customer relationships

Want to convince your team that bulk SMS marketing is the way to go? Here are eight big benefits no marketer wants to miss out on.

-1Event participation – send bulk messages to your customers when you are participating in a special event

-2Text message appointment reminders – automate day-before messages to remind customers of an appointment and ask for confirmation that they are coming

-3Sales and promotions – send coupon codes and sale notifications to large segments of your target market

-4Welcome messages – thank people who sign up to your   newsletter or subscribe to your blog

-5Status updates – keep your customers informed when your hours change, you add new lines of products, or you’ve updated your policies

-6Booking confirmations – use messaging to confirm same-day restaurant reservations

-7Billing reminders – let customers know that they are about to be billed, or remind them when they are falling behind with their payments

-8Security – verification codes help keep accounts safe.

SMS should be an integral tool in your digital marketing activities, Messages are fully trackable and can use A/B testing to measure effectiveness, also Automations can help send out a series of messages based on a trigger, ensuring that customers are engaged with at the right moment.

Best of all, it’s low cost per message makes it an affordable item to add to your annual budget.

SMS services and their categories for more effective and less expensive budget

a) Bulk SMS

It is a method used by companies and institutions to send a single text message to the largest number of target customers in seconds and with just one click.

This method is the most widely used and common among many companies and many governmental or non-profit establishments.


2- Mobile ads:

Through this service can target location, age, gender, phone type and social class use this segment to get clients match with business level

This method is one of the most important and modern SMS mobile service methods, the least expensive and the most effective.


3- Location Based Advertise:

This service is one of the latest text messaging services and one of the most used -techniques by many different companies.

This service is considered one of the most cost-saving and effort-saving SMS services, It reaches the target audience according to their locations with high accuracy. And then, it assures successful SMS campaign implementation with the highest efficiency and the lowest error rate.

It focuses on sending text messages to existing individuals in a specific region or to the ones who visit a place.