Exploring SMS for Ecommerce Marketing

Exploring SMS for Ecommerce Marketing

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Exploring SMS for Ecommerce Marketing

Ecommerce SMS clearly has a lot more benefit than just adding on another typical marketing channel, like display ads or sponsoring podcasts.

This is a way to personally connect with customers in a 1:1 way, increase loyalty, drive engagement and grow revenue.

Email Marketing and SMS

When it comes to email marketing and SMS, it is a play of preference, People communicate in different ways, especially online.

Chatbots and SMS

SMS is on the rise, but chatbots are becoming less popular. The reason is that chatbots are dependent on third-party developers, unlike text messaging, Text message providers do not rely on platforms.

SMS communication brings profit for companies selling online. Furthermore, it helps to maintain engagement and serves as a customer service channel.

The life cycle of SMS

Application to person (A2P) -> Person to person (P2P) -> Business to consumer (B2C)

One may say that is made a full circle, from notifications to personal chat and then back to automated messaging. Nevertheless, SMS is a default channel available on all phones with active SIM cards.

SMS marketing for e-commerce

Bulk SMS campaigns are an effective marketing tool, but what really makes them shine is the relatively low intensity of sales-oriented messages.

Ecommerce SMS Benefits

1. High open rate & click-through rate.

2. Affordable marketing channel.

3-Reduces cart abandonment.

4. 1:1 conversation with customers drive loyalty.

5. Alert customers about new products, sales + promotions, announcements, and more via text messages.

6. Reply-to-buy and conversational commerce are powerful.

7. Use SMS to win back customers who haven't purchased in quite some time.

8. Keep customers in the loop with shipping notifications.

9. Ecommerce SMS can be highly automated.

10. You can build segments of your most loyal customers.

11. Managing compliance isn’t a headache anymore.

12. You don’t have to start from scratch.

13. Have two-way conversations.

14. Track revenue and ROI.

How to implement SMS communication in e-commerce?

Integration of SMS communication with e-commerce platform is, in most cases, an easy thing to do. SMSAPI, or another bulk SMS platform of your choosing, is already integrated with all most popular e-commerce systems like WooCommerce, WordPress, Magento, etc.