Smart form

Smart form

SMS EG and Master are offering a huge chance to market your product easily and create trustworthy feelings with your client.


What is a smart form?

A smart form is one of the most useful and fast ways to be connected to your clients\audience and maintain a successful relation between you.


Why the company should use a smart form in marketing?

A smart form guarantees to the company and its clients a healthy way of life. It makes the clients feel confidential and creates a safety between the two sides; the client’s voices are heard by the company which they trust and the company sells its products and earn money easily\the institution gain the public opinion.

It’s a WIN-WIN situation!


How it works?

While sending ads and offers to your client by SMS to market your products, you could create this confidential relationship with your client.

All you have to do is to put the smart form’s link at the end of your message.

You also have chance to choose the type and the questions of your smart form.

Hurry up and catch the opportunity, make your client trust your company and stay safe and sound so you can sell your products or be close to your audience EASILY.