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Location Based Advertisement
Category : Services | Created at : 2019-03-25

Location Based Advertisement

Location-based advertising : Smseg works with technology that is able to detect when certain mobile phone enters specific radio signal of the closest cell-phone tower, the Radius from 300 M to 400 M around the targeted area.
 Smseg makes sure to have the powerful marketing activity for a corporate to know that targeted client is in close to their shop and take the advantage to offer them an attractive chance to take the final steps to be involved in the nearest shop.

-Reaching the client’s real positions, it’s a way to reach your customers closer to the buying decision than ever before.

-It allows marketers to reach specific target audiences.
-The ability to engage with clients based on real time location,  Smseg makes sure  your LBA campaign will be delivered to in-market clients based on already pre-defined targeting location.
Smseg Terms and conditions :
  • Service request and report campaign :
    • Vodafone Tuesdays before 12 noon at most to be launched the following week beginning Sunday
    • Orange and Telecom three days before the date of delivery
  • Number of characters of text messages :
    • Vodafone 160 characters for English and 70Arabic character
    • Orange 160 characters for English and 70 characters forArabic
    • Etisalat 160 characters for English and 70 charactersfor Arabic
    The first bunch continues effective for one day and second package for three days and the third package for one week