API Service SMS Egypt

API Service SMS Egypt

Every business currently needs a successful mobile app or a website and that doesn’t come unless you follow up with the client step by step from the sign up till the end.

And for that you need to provide a smart system that can send him SMS remind him with his appointments and also send him a buying confirmation messages, etc , and that assures you’re with him every step of the way

We provide that in SMS EGYPT by support your system with API SMS.


API  is a service that support your business system by merge it with SMS program automatically send messages to the audience the same moment you choose, or when they sign up on the website to confirm their account.

And it is one of the quickest and most affectionate Business Tools, because with it you can send SMS with a fixed number of characters with lesser cost to your audience you select on the system.

And of the API feature that you can link it with your mobile app or the website, and that make it easy to follow up with the customer since they sign up.

API service is the ideal solution to increase the TARFIC on the website, especially if your business needs from you to be always there with the clients to follow up the updates with them.